High Quality eBook(ePub) production service

DIYPIA is launching a high quality e-book production service worldwide!

We are known for beautiful and superior e-books (including audio & multimedia).

Three types of e-book production servicesare provided by DIYPIA :

1. E-book in the form of common text which include illustration, chart, and etc

Normal1 (Text)

Pic Included1

Pic Included2

Footnotes Type1

Footnotes Type2

Other Design1

Other Design2

Table (Tag)

2. ePub3 format e-book including audios and videos, Full-Illustrated Photo books, or Fixed-Layout books
   (Cartoons-Comics, Photo Albums, Bibles-old Greek & Hebrew Included etc.)

Old Char1 (Kor)

Old Char2 (Greek Bible)

Old Char3
(Hebrew & Greek Bible)

ePub3 Popup Footnotes

Movies Included

Audio Included

Fixed-Layout 1

Fixed-Layout 2

3. Interactive ebook using CSS Animation, Java script and HTML5 in ePub3 format

Orders less than ten books are produced through the following procedures:

1. Send us a partial of the material being requested to (info@diypia.com) in any of PDF,
   Indesign, Quark, docx, text forms. (Versions for both MAC and PC are available.)

2. After making a sample with the part you sent us, we send you a captured image of the sample e-book
   open on iBooks in iPad or iPhone, under 12 hours.

3. If you are satisfied with the sample, we will send you thecompleted version after payment is made.
   We also send it to you through email for you to download up to 2GB.

4. For modification, procedures above arerepeated.

* For large print runs for publishing companies, organizations or mobi format (for Amazon Kindle US),
   please give us a separate inquiry.

(You can also download a free sample on iBooks bookstore in 51 countries including United States,
Japan, and etc.)

* All e-Pub e-booksmade by DIYPIAare made error-free,checked througha Validation program.
   It runs smoothly on all devices supporting e-Pub format.

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